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The Most Unique Roofing Styles Around The World

For hundreds of years, roofing has been an essential characteristic to a building and property. People used architecture to incorporate styles of their country and the time period. Here are some of the most unique roofing styles from around the world that can still be seen today:

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1. Togo, Africa: Tata-Somba Houses

Thatch coverings are used for basic sun protection and drying out grains on the roof.

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2. Northern Canada: Igloo

Igloos use snow to insulate from the body heat within while the dome-shaped roof allows heat to circulate with a 50-degree difference between inside and outside.

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3. Glaumbear, Iceland: Turf House

These homes feature grass-covered roofing used as a cheap material for roofing as the availability of turf was extensive.

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4. Moscow, Russia: St. Basil’s Cathedral

Russia’s traditional architecture style has become known as the “onion domes.” The roofing element was originally designed to keep snow from piling up on tall churches.

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5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Thean Hou Temple

The Thean Hou Temple is the largest Chinese Temple in South East Asia. The Chinese architecture is known for strong horizontal axis instead of focus on height. These buildings were designed to look wider and heavier than they look.

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6. Sydney, Australia: Sydney Opera House

The “shells” of the roof were a long-time work-in-progress as each rib was individually constructed entirely of expensive concrete. The design of the roof was tested in wind tunnels to form a similar wind-pressure distribution helping to construct the design of the roof tiles.

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7. Santorini, Greece

These whitewashed limestone buildings reflect the sun’s rays keeping the interior of the homes cool. The domed roofs were made practical for rainwater to flow into cisterns, like gutters, placed under the roofs catch.

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8. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Old Town

After the Croatian War in the 1990s, more than 70% of rooftops were damaged ruining the over 300-year-old architecture. Similar red tiling was produced in Toulouse, France and as the demand for these singles grew, the town joined forces to reconstruct the roofing at a $9 million cost.

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9. Vienna, Austria: St. Stephen’s Cathedral

9. Vienna, Austria: St. Stephen’s Cathedral This 14th century architecture is covered in over 230,000 tiles forming various mosaics. The roof is so steep that the only way of cleaning is from rainwater, and very rarely ever collects snow.

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10. Milan, Italy: Duomo Di Milano

Gothic buildings and cathedrals were constructed with sharp, pointed architecture while theses spires became the most recognizable feature of gothic roofing. The Duomo Di Milano has the most spires in all the buildings of Europe

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