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How to avoid roofing scammers

Tips to Avoid Being Taken Advantage of after the Storm

If the damage from a storm isn’t bad enough, consumers trying to rebuild often face a different kind of danger: a flood of would-be-contractors with intentions to cheat and steal from consumers. Although you may be anxious to get things back to normal, avoid letting your emotions get the better of you. Storm victims should never feel pressured to make a hasty decision or choose an unknown contractor. While our chosen trade is roofing, the following points to consider can be applied to any trade or contractor that provides disaster relief services.

Choose contractors carefully.

Never let an unlicensed or uninsured roofing company on your roof. Make sure that they have liability and worker’s compensation insurance in case anything goes wrong. Check their safety record making sure their cardinal rule is “Safety First.” Get references from friends and relatives. If the contractor is from out of state be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor is accredited and does good work.

Know what you sign.

Always get the proposal in writing. No two roofs are alike so make sure that the roofing company can provide an accurate commercial roofing quote for your unique roof. Get a written contract dealing with all of the work to be performed, all costs associated with the project, and any guarantees before work begins. Know what materials are going to be used and what the price breakdown is for both labor and materials. Also make sure that the company has the resources needed right now so your work can be finished in a timely manner.

Deposits and Payments.

Never pay in full in advance and don’t pay in cash. Pay only by check or a credit card- and only after the contract has been signed. Make sure the contract has a schedule for payments to be released to the contractor. Don’t make a final payment or sign a completion agreement until all work is done to your satisfaction.


A reliable contractor will report back to you often, be upfront with unforeseen issues and have solutions at the ready when unforeseen problems arise. They provide on the jobsite supervisors who oversee that the work is being done to the customer’s’ benefit. A negligent contractor, on the other hand, might show up twice, on the first day of the job and then to deliver the bill when the job is finished.


On any given day we usually have the time to investigate and discover whether or not a roofing contractor’s skills and values align with our own. After a storm, however, decisions often have to be made quickly. It’s in those times of crisis where the above insights can provide you with clarity, peace of mind, and protection from scammers out to take advantage of you.

Do your Homework.

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