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winterize your commercial property

Winterizing your Commercial Property.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on a facility so preparing your facility now helps avoid a costly disaster that disrupts business. As winter approaches, it is important that all parts of your commercial building are ready for the coming cold.

1. Make sure your HVAC systems are working properly.

Inspect heating systems regularly and create a written plan to outline what maintenance tasks need to be addressed daily, weekly, and annually. Drain cooling towers and all cooling parts so the water can’t freeze and cause any damage.

2. Inspect all doors and windows.

This will allow you to identify and eliminate potential heat loss, water damage, and the entry of unwelcome animals looking for warmth. Use caulking to seal gaps between windows, doors, and exterior walls. Don’t forget to seal any areas between the siding and foundation as well as where bricks and wood connect.

3. Clean gutters, drains, and trim trees.

Clogged gutters trap water, which can damage roofs, trim, siding, and the foundation. Gutter guards can help reduce debris buildup especially if your building is surrounded by trees. Little or no damage will happen if all water and snow melt can flow freely off the roof.

4. Schedule a fall inspection for your roof.

Make any needed repairs before winter weather makes the repairs much costlier. Repair or replace loose shingles, and check to see that chimneys and vents are properly sealed. Also examine your attic’s insulation for proper thickness to avoid heat loss.

5. Have a snow removal plan set up.

Snow removal after every significant snowfall will keep your roof from sagging or even collapsing from too much weight. Have plenty of de-icing agents like rock salt on hand. Apply them to slippery sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces to avoid slips and falls.


There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to maintaining your commercial buildings because each space is unique, but the tips mentioned above are considerations to keep in mind as you prepare for winter. By following these steps and through proper planning and scheduling, you will limit the chances of cold weather negatively affecting your building. Most importantly, be proactive with preventative maintenance by getting on a schedule and sticking to it.

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